Budgeting that's easier than checking the weather.

Fiskal is the missing link that gives you full power over your money. Check your Daily Spending Pace in under a second to know what's ok or what might be dicey. 

Fiskal connects to all of your accounts to find small issues while they're easy to fix. Enjoy having more money in your bank and knowing the future will be brighter.

Get Fiskal today!  

Your Spending Pace is all the money you have spend each day after bills and saving.

Anything left rolls over to tomorrow.

Spend too much? That's perfectly normal! Your Spending Pace will slightly lower so you'll always know what's reasonable.

Get fiskal to know what's ok for you.

Get peace of mind with

your Spending Pace

Bring all of your cards and bank accounts together in a single place. 

See your bank balances, credit card payoff amounts and dates and bills all in one place. When everything's together you can stop worrying that you forgot something.

One app for all your money.

One app for

all of your accounts

It's not just bank-level security. We're not done until it's military grade.

Full Cert Pinning on entire certificate chain. Every message uniquely encrypted with HMAC. Internal security policies with audit trails on each access of PII data. You want homogeneous encryption with per use permissions access?! So do we!

Trust us. We put up all the gates to lock down your data so you can live worry-free.

The point is we know security. Our engineers are constantly pushing to build the best lock for your data.

Safe and Secure

What if I buy those new shoes? What if I travel abroad for the summer?

Everyone wants more and with fiskal you'll have a clear path to earn a better life. Play with different ideas to see how it will reduce your Spending Pace.

Once everything looks A-Okay, lock it in autopilot. Fiskal will manage it. You go back to living your life with your new Spending Pace. 

It's never been about saving. It's about having a good life today and greater life tomorrow.

Stop problems

before they happen

Did you get fiskal? They did.

“Fiskal helped me know I could spend more than I thought I could. It relieved some stress. It’s ok to spend money.

— Lauren

All my friends would find this useful. I never knew what I spent a day and it didn’t matter until my rent went up.”

— Rayna

I feel like I’m a little bit more calm about where I’m at.

— Brandon

“It's easy to look at day to day and not push it off into some nebulous future.

— Cameron

Now is the time to get fiskal.